Monday, February 7, 2011

The dating whisperer

We are trying some Cesar Millan techniques on Rex such as saying "TSSHHT" in a "calm assertive" way!  Generally he's a pretty good dog overall....cute, cuddly, small "packages" for us to clean up off the lawn, he doesn't shed, he doesn't bark a whole lot, he's enthusiastic, portable and he loves the cabin, just like us! Every time he sees you he's beside himself with happiness!  BUT, take him for a walk and (god forbid) meet another dog.....he becomes a massive spasm on the end of the leash!  Consequently I'm always scanning for other dogs, so that I may TSSHHT him as soon as he spots the other dog.  If I am successful at spotting the other dog first, he reacts very well.
As we all know, dogs who are trying to be dominant, put their head over the other dogs' neck.  What do you do, when you're only about 12 inches at the shoulder?  EVERY dog is then being dominant simply by trying to bend down to sniff!!  I wanted to have a little dog without the little-dog-syndrome.  When we were kids, friends of ours had a poodle who was convinced he was a big dog; the difference was that he actually ACTED like a big dog!  Ho hum, friendly, hardly a peep out of him, kept up with all the big dogs-I think he truly was a big dog in a small dogs' body.  Do you think that being named "Napoleon Bonaparte" (Boney for short) had anything to do with it?
As Taylor approaches her 'teens', I began to wonder if this would work with my girls when they begin dating? (Way off in future of course!)  Firstly I must establish myself as the pack leader-DONE (daily)!! If I spot the offending "dog" before they do, I can TSSHHT him in a "calm assertive" way.  When "sniffing around" he begins to act assertive, I can give him the quick Cesar Millan "jab" to the side of the body to re-direct the brain!  And most importantly, before we being "training", I will suggest a long bike ride to get acquainted (he will ride the front of a tandem bike of which I will only pretend to pedal) and thus he will be "dog-tired".  But I have to say, I think my personal favourite will be "no touch, no talk, no eye contact" - I think that's fairly self explanatory!
This may just work.


  1. ahahha I think you girls will die of embarrassment and disown you completely!

  2. I was hoping that I didn't offend anyone with boys, so I think I should do another post on how this can also work for female "dogs"!